What if you could have that beautiful, clean, and organized home you've always wanted?
This deluxe chore system includes everything you need to create a comprehensive chore list, compute your family's "magic number," and get things done . . . so you can enjoy life!
What if your home were clean and organized every day of the year?
Does this sound familiar?

You want a home that's clean and clutter-free . . . without spending all your time on household chores.

You're tired of being the one who notices the mess and asks (and maybe winds up nagging) your family members to pitch in.

You can't keep track of when you last washed your kid's comforter, replaced your furnace filter, or dusted your fans.

You want to end the all-day cleaning marathons before hosting and have your home be close to company-ready!

Stop the constant struggle of household chores!
Get the comprehensive, done-for-you system that lets you customize your family's ideal chore schedule.
The One-Year Family Chore Chart System will help you . . .

Say goodbye to nagging and mess

Create a home that's always nearly company-ready

Plan what chore time looks like on a typical day

Anticipate and easily plan for busy days (holidays, sports games, etc.)

Get back on track after unanticipated disruptions to your schedule (like sick days)

Capture every single chore and household task you tackle in a whole year

Keep track of infrequent chores that you might otherwise forget

Always know what needs to be done, when, and by whom

Take stock at a glance of what's done, what's next, and whether you're on track

Relax and enjoy life once you've wrapped up your daily chore time!

It's everything you need to create your system fast and help your family easily stay on track for an entire year!
Now, managing your family's household chores is nearly foolproof with . . .
The One-Year Family Chore Chart System
Here's how it works

The One-Year Family Chore Chart System walks you through the process of setting up a foolproof system for getting all your household chores completed. With a fixed weekly time commitment, your family will get absolutely everything done!

So you can get back to enjoying your home and your life.

Generate your master chore list

Use the included brainstorming guide to list out every task your family needs to tackle.

Categorize your chores

Use the included worksheets to split your chores into separate lists -- daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual chores.

Give every chore a time estimate

Estimate the number of minutes you'll need for every chore. And assign a responsible person for each task -- you, your spouse, the kids, whoever!

Compute your magic number

Use the step-by-step calculation sheet to figure out exactly how many minutes of chores your family needs to tackle every week to stay on track and get everything done!

Work your system

Track your progress in the chore log. So you'll know precisely when you're DONE with chores. Plus, easily see how much make-up time you need if you fall behind.

Here's what's inside The One-Year Family Chore Chart System:
This is the exact system that my family has used for years. It's saved us a massive amount of time, stress, and -- yes -- nagging!
Take a peek inside...
Mega list of household chores

121 common household chores to help you create your master chore list

Your summary chore log

Keep tabs on your progress. You'll always know exactly when you're finished with your family's chores -- and how to catch up if you fall behind.

One-year chore checklists

Chore checklists for every type of chore. Keep tabs on who, what, when, and how long for every task on your list.

Step-by-step calculations

Compute your family's magic number -- the number of minutes you'll need each week to keep your home clean & organized.

Detailed directions for every step

It's all here. Get the low-down on how the system works, how to crunch your numbers, how to use your checklists & chore log, and how you can use this book to reach success!

A dozen decorative covers

Included in your purchase are 12 bonus decorative covers. Pick and print a beautiful cover that fits your style. So you'll want to pick up (and use!) The One-Year Family Chore Chart System every day!

Hi, I'm Megan!

I'm Megan Nye, the owner of Prioritized Living, an extensively published freelance writer, and a fanatic for organizing my family's home and life!

As a writer, I've created articles for Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma, Citi, Wells Fargo, Lending Tree, RetailMeNot, Discover, and many more businesses and publications.

But I'm also the official life organizer, space organizer, and Container Store buyer for our busy family. So I know the struggle of keeping your home organized while juggling all. the. things.

I always wanted a clean, clutter-free home that was company-ready . . . or at least pretty close to that ideal! But I didn't want to have my household chores consume my life. And I definitely didn't want to assume that responsibility all on my own.

So I created some cleaning and organizing systems that ensure everything gets done and that everyone knows what their responsibilities are.

I hope my systems help you and your family create a comfortable, happy home you love so that you can truly relax and enjoy each other!

Get tons of great resources over at the Prioritized Living blog -- a blog for busy women who want to maximize the value of what they already have & live their goals with purpose! You'll find valuable information on organizing, time management, and money.

Frequently Asked Questions
What's included in The One-Year Family Chore Chart System?

You'll get a 75-page book (plus bonus pages!) specially designed to help you create, customize, use, and track your very own family chore system:

  • A mega chore list: A master list of 121 household chores, sorted by frequency (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, etc.). With this handy list, you'll never forget any of your tasks!
  • A one-year chore checklist: A checklist for every chore frequency you have. You'll always know what's done and what remains on your list.
  • A powerful calculation sheet: The step-by-step worksheet for computing your family's magic number. Learn precisely how many minutes you'll need to spend on chores so you're always on track.
  • A daily chore log: An easy-to-use tracker that lets you see how many minutes your family's spent on chores and when. See at a glance if you fall behind or get ahead!
  • Step-by-step instructions: Every section comes with directions that let you dive in immediately with this system. Set up your family's chore system quickly and easily!
  • 12 bonus covers: Beautify your system with a colorful cover of your choice!
How do I know The One-Year Family Chore Chart System is right for me?

The One-Year Family Chore Chart System is for anyone who's looking to make the process of creating and maintaining a clean & organized home easier, faster, and more foolproof.

If you want a done-for-you system, this is it. Save yourself from dirt and clutter. From the aggravation of marathon cleaning sessions before company comes over. From the no-win choice of nagging your family to do their share or tackling the bulk of work yourself.

With The One-Year Family Chore Chart System, you get a complete methodology PLUS all the worksheets you need in one place. So you can easily customize your family's chore system, keep your home looking good all the time, and create more time for enjoying life!

Use it for just you, a small family, or an entire household. The system is beautifully customizable and perfect for managing your household tasks at every life stage!

Will The One-Year Family Chore Chart System really help me get a cleaner, more organized home?

You bet! My own family has successfully used the system I created for years now. (And let me tell you, adopting this system made so much of a difference in our home and family life!)

This book guides you through the process of creating and following your family's chore system. Just follow the directions for a powerful chore system the whole family can easily use!

Do I have to do a lot of writing (and rewriting) to use this book effectively?

Only if you want to! Some people love busting out their colored pens and hand-lettering techniques to make chore time a little more fun.

But maybe you simply want to get set up as quickly and easily as possible. No problem! This book's PDF lets you type directly in it. So you can type, copy, paste, print, and reprint copies directly from your device!

How do I get The One-Year Family Chore Chart System once I purchase?

After you purchase, The One-Year Family Chore Chart System will be delivered as a digital download (PDF file) within 10 minutes. Check the inbox of the E-mail address you provide during checkout.

If you don't see the E-mail within 10 minutes, check your spam and promotions folders.

Still can't find it? If you have previously opted out of Prioritized Living's E-mails, you may not receive your purchase, as I'll be blocked from sending to your E-mail address. If that's the case, please use a different E-mail address for your purchase, or contact me for assistance at megan@prioritizedliving.com.

Can I use The One-Year Family Chore Chart System just once?

No way! The One-Year Family Chore Chart System can be used year after year. Once you download the PDF, it's yours forever. Print additional copies (or extra copies of the pages you use most) whenever you need them.

Can I share The One-Year Family Chore Chart System with my friends and family?

Sorry, The One-Year Family Chore Chart System is protected by copyright, so your copy is just for you. However, you can use the social share buttons at the bottom of this webpage, so your loved ones can buy their own copy!

How do I wrangle all the pages that come with The One-Year Family Chore Chart System?

Once you have your digital download, save the PDF easily to your device, print it, and get started using The One-Year Family Chore Chart System right away! In just minutes, you'll have a resource that's ready to support your family's needs.

Many people punch holes in the pages and slip them easily into a colorful 3-ring binder. You can also use spiral binding that allows you to turn pages a full 360 degrees. (For DIY spiral binding, I highly recommend the GBC ProClick system [affiliate link*]. It allows you to add and remove pages whenever you want.)
Is my payment information safe?

Absolutely! Your payment data is 100% safe and encrypted.

What is your return policy?

The One-Year Family Chore Chart System is a digital file that's yours to download once you purchase. As there's no way to return a digital file once you're given access to it, I do not offer refunds for this product.

However, if you have any problems or questions with The One-Year Family Chore Chart System, please contact me at megan@prioritizedliving.com. I'm happy to help as you get set up!

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