What if your child had a beautiful, comprehensive planner made just for them?
This kid's planner includes everything your child needs to organize their busy lives, set goals, celebrate progress, and savor special memories -- all in a FUN, kid-friendly format!
What if your child loved using their very own planner?
Does this sound familiar?

You love using your own planner to organize your life or your family's . . . but you wish there were a powerful planner made specifically for kids.

You can't keep track of your kid's busy schedule -- all those project deadlines, sports practices, birthday parties, and more.

You want to teach your child strong planning and organization skills they can use throughout their life -- and make the process fun for them!

You want to inspire your kid to dream big by setting goals, tracking their progress, learning from hiccups, and celebrating their successes!

Now, organizing your kid's life is  easy and fun with . . .
The Kid's Planner
Choose from TWO fun color themes!

The Kid's Planner is stuffed with powerful and beautiful pages for your child.

But you can personalize your kid's experience by choosing from one of two amazing color themes.

No matter what theme you choose, you get the same planner pages -- just in the color selection of your choice! Plus, each color theme comes with a unique set of cover pages that coordinate perfectly with the colors featured inside your Kid's Planner.

Which color theme will you choose?
The Pretty Color Theme

Enjoy pretty pink and purple, sunny yellow and orange, sky blue, and a grassy green.

The Bright Color Theme

Enjoy vibrant red and orange, bright yellow and blue, rich green, and a deep blue.

Take a peek inside the Kid's Planner...
Monthly Calendars

Plan ahead with 12 colorfully illustrated monthly calendars -- undated so you can reuse them again and again.

(Pretty Theme pages shown)

Planning Pages

Help your kid look ahead with detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners. Plus, use the reflections to assess where your child's been and capture their best memories!

(Bright Theme pages shown)

Habit Trackers

Help your child reach their goals one day at a time. Stay on top of morning and evening routines, chores, water consumption, sleep time, exercise, personal goals, and more!

(Pretty Theme pages shown)

School Pages

Set your child up for school success with these valuable pages. Keep tabs on class schedules, homework, projects, grades, attendance, classmates' contact information, lunch plans, and field trip memories!

(Bright Theme pages shown)

Literacy Pages

Make reading fun with these colorful pages! Log what your child's read and what they're looking forward to reading soon. Memorize new spelling words and vocabulary words. And never lose track of library books again!

(Pretty Theme pages shown)

Personal Pages

Have some fun personalizing your kid's planner! Dive into pages for positive self-talk and self-care. Jot down favorite quotes, hobbies, foods, and more. Take note of friends' birthdays, memories, and moments of gratitude. And keep track of emergency information (just in case).

(Bright Theme pages shown)

Goal-Planning & Finance Pages

Brainstorm goals of all sizes, spell out action steps, identify valuable resources, and anticipate obstacles. Plus, teach money skills by logging income and expenses and tracking allowance earnings.

(Pretty Theme pages shown)

Note & Doodle Pages

Get creative with lined note pages, dot grids, and spaces for doodling. Enjoy three fun color designs too. Choose your favorite style, or mix and match!

(Bright Theme pages shown)

21 decorative planner covers

Included in your purchase are 21 bonus decorative covers -- specially designed to coordinate with the color theme you choose. Pick and print a beautiful cover that fits your kid's style . . . and change it up whenever they want. With these colorful covers, they'll love using their Kid's Planner every day!

Pretty Theme
Bright Theme
Hi, I'm Megan!

I'm Megan Nye, the owner of Prioritized Living, an extensively published freelance writer, and a fanatic for organizing my family's home and life!

As a writer, I've created articles for Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma, Citi, Wells Fargo, Lending Tree, RetailMeNot, Discover, and many more businesses and publications.

But I'm also the mom and official life organizer in our busy family. So I know the struggle of keeping your kids organized while juggling all. the. things.

Kids have got a lot going on -- schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, projects, friends, deadlines, and schedules. But they also have big hopes and dreams . . . and habits you're trying to instill in them.

Kids deserve a powerful, fun tool to help them achieve those dreams!

So I created an ultra-comprehensive kid's planner that ensures everything is captured on paper in an organized, beautiful fashion.

I hope this planner helps you and your child create an amazing vision together and celebrate your kid's uniqueness!

Get tons of great resources over at the Prioritized Living blog -- a blog for busy women who want to maximize the value of what they already have & live their goals with purpose! You'll find valuable information on organizing, time management, and money.

Frequently Asked Questions
What's included in the Kid's Planner?

You'll get a 76-page book (plus bonus cover pages!) specially designed to help you organize your child's life:

  • 12 monthly calendars: Track special dates and deadlines with these undated pages, illustrated for each month.
  • Planning pages: Get ready with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners & reflection pages.
  • Habit trackers: Track progress on all your child's goals and new habits.
  • School pages: Stay on top of homework, grades, schedules, and more.
  • Literacy pages: Celebrate books read, and track new spelling and vocabulary words.
  • Personal pages: Personalize your kid's planner with fun "about me" pages, gratitude pages, memories, and more.
  • Goal-planning pages: Make your child's goals a reality with these fill-in-the-blank blueprints to reaching their dreams.
  • Money pages: Learn about personal finance by tracking income, expenses, and allowance.
  • Note and doodle pages: Take notes and get creative with these decorative pages!
  • 21 bonus decorative planner covers: Personalize your child's planner with a colorful cover of their choice!
How many color themes are available for the Kid's Planner?

The Kid's Planner comes in TWO fun color themes. Choose the theme that best suits your child's personality:

  • The Pretty Theme
  • The Bright Theme.

You'll see the option to select one of the two color themes during checkout.

How do I know the Kid's Planner is right for me?

The Kid's Planner is for anyone who's looking to help their child stay organized and feel empowered in setting goals and accomplishing their dreams!

If you want a comprehensive set of planning pages, this is it. Keep track of upcoming events and deadlines. Stay on top of schoolwork. Set goals, track your child's progress, and celebrate successes! Plus, let your child personalize their planner so it's a perfect fit for them.

With the Kid's Planner, you get a massive collection of pages you can use as a whole or mix and match. Print as many copies as you need to fill your child's planner with the pages they love.

Use it for one kid or every child in your family!

How do I get the Kid's Planner once I purchase?

After you purchase, the Kid's Planner will be delivered as a digital download (a link to a Google Drive folder with PDF files) within 10 minutes. Check the inbox of the E-mail address you provide during checkout.

If you don't see the E-mail within 10 minutes, check your spam and promotions folders.

Still can't find it? If you have previously opted out of Prioritized Living's E-mails, you may not receive your purchase, as I'll be blocked from sending to your E-mail address. If that's the case, please use a different E-mail address for your purchase, or contact me for assistance at megan@prioritizedliving.com.

Can I use the Kid's Planner just once?

No way! The Kid's Planner is undated and can be used year after year. Once you download the PDF, it's yours forever. Print additional copies (or extra copies of the pages you use most) whenever you need them.

Can I share the Kid's Planner with my friends and family?

Feel free to use the Kid's Planner for all the children in your home! Print and reprint the pages as many times as you need to keep their planners stocked year after year.

Please note: The Kid's Planner is protected by copyright, so your copy is just for your household. However, you can use the social share buttons at the bottom of this webpage, so your loved ones can buy their own copy!

How do I wrangle all the pages that come with the Kid's Planner?

Once you have your digital download, save the PDF easily to your device, print it, and get started using the Kid's Planner right away! In just minutes, you'll have a resource that's ready to support your family's needs.

Many people punch holes in the pages and slip them easily into a colorful 3-ring binder. You can also use spiral binding that allows you to turn pages a full 360 degrees. (For DIY spiral binding, I highly recommend the GBC ProClick system [affiliate link*]. It allows you to add and remove pages whenever you want.)
Is my payment information safe?

Absolutely! Your payment data is 100% safe and encrypted.

What is your return policy?

The Kid's Planner is a digital file that's yours to download once you purchase. As there's no way to return a digital file once you're given access to it, I do not offer refunds for this product.

However, if you have any problems or questions with the Kid's Planner, please contact me at megan@prioritizedliving.com. I'm happy to help as you get set up!

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